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Top of The World Restauant Re-Opens:  The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with a concessionaire, and the Top of The World Restaurant is now open to serve you.   Please come and sample the menu that our new concessionaire has prepared.

Rules and Regulations Now Available Online: If you were not able to attend the annual meeting on July 15th, you should have received a copy of the new Rules and Regulations by mail. Additional   copies of the Rules and Regulations are available at the Administration Office.  An online copy of this document is also available for viewing here on our  web page.

Next Edition of Saw Creek News Set For Mid-December: The next issue of Saw Creek News  will be mailed to homes on or about December 15.  This issue will contain feature stories on our committees, and the final draft of the proposed 2001 annual budget. Additional copies (while supplies last) will also be available at the Administration Office. Beginning October 20th, online copies of Saw Creek News will be available for online viewing and printing.  See the December issue of Saw Creek News for further information.

Update On Road Project: The Road Improvement Project is now underway.  As of this writing, we have resurfaced nearly two miles of Woodbridge Drive East, and three miles of Decker Road. This paving project is the beginning of a comprehensive road improvement program at Saw Creek Estates. More road paving will begin shortly; please see the December issue of Saw Creek News for further details.

New Updates To Our Web Site:  Our website now contains the text of both the SCECA By-laws, and the Rules and Regulations. In the near future, users will also be able to access the current issue of Saw Creek News.  The photo gallery has also been expanded to include new seasonal photographs of Saw Creek Estates.

Back Issues of Saw Creek News Now Available Online: If your computer is equipped with Acrobat Reader, you can read back issues
of the Saw Creek News by clicking  here.  This link will take you to the website of Community Newspapers, where back issues are stored. Remember, to access the Saw Creek News online, click here.