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Section A. Name. The name of the Association is Saw Creek Community Association Inc., a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.

Section B. Purposes.  The purposes of the Association are to promote excellent residential living conditions, the health, safety, security, convenience, recreation, comfort,
beauty of the Community, and for all other purposes stated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association.

Section C. Location.  The registered office of the Association shall be located in the community, or at any other place in Pike or Monroe Counties as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

Section D. Effective Date.  These By-laws shall be effective upon closing of the transition of control of the Community and transfer of the Common Facilities from the Developer to the Association on April 10, 2000.

Section E.  Definitions.

"Assessment"           Common expense assessment.

"Association"            Saw Creek Estates Community
                                   Association Inc., its successors and

"Board"                      The Board of Directors of the    

"Chair"                       Chairperson.

"Common Facilities"  All real estate within the community
                                    that is owned by the Association or
                                    leased to the Association, and
                                    excluding any residential lots held
                                    for sale to the general public.

"Community"              The planned community known as
                                    Saw Creek Estates, located in
                                    Lehman Township, Pike County,
                                    and Middle Smithfield Township,
                                    Monroe County, Pennsylvania,
                                    which includes the Mill Pond
                                    Townhouses, and is plotted
                                    Sections 1 through 37.

"Covenants"                The applicable Declaration of
                                     Covenants, Conditions, and
                                     Restrictions recorded in the
                                     office of the Recorder of Deeds;
                                     typically used interchangeably with
                                     the word Declaration.

"Fine"                           A financial penalty imposed on a
                                     member, guest, occupant, or
                                     invitee for violation of the
                                     Community's legal documents.

"Immediate Family"    Spouse, brother or sister, child,
                                     parent, grandparent or grandchild
                                     or spouse of any of the named

"Improved Lot"            A lot on which one single-family
                                    dwelling has been constructed.

"In good standing"     A member that is in compliance
                                   with the Covenants, By-laws, and
                                   Rules, and that has paid all obliga-
                                   tions owed to the Association.

"Lot"                           Any numbered residential lot or unit
                                  owned by a member or held for sale
                                  to the general public.  Two or more
                                  adjoining lots which have been
                                  merged with municipal approval into
                                  one lot shall be treated as one lot for
                                  the purposes of voting, assessments,
                                  and special assessments.

"Majority"                   Those votes, owners, or other group
                                   as the context may indicate totaling
                                   more than fifty (50%) per cent of the
                                   total group.

"Rules"                       The body of rules and regulations for
                                    the Community adopted by the

"Special                      A charge levied by the Board upon
 Assessment"            members to cover unbudgeted,
                                    unfunded, or special project

"Unimproved lot"        A lot on which no single family
                                    dwelling has been constructed.