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ARTICLE  V  - Officers

Section A. Officers. The officers shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association. They shall have the powers and duties described in this Article. The Board may also appoint other assistant officers who shall have such authority as shall be designated by Board resolution.

Section C.  President.

A. The President shall:

(1) Act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

(2) With Board approval, have general oversight of management of Association business and supervise the Community Manager.

(3) Preside over all member and Board meetings.

(4) Have power to vote on all Board and member matters.

(5) Have general direction over the other officers.

(6) Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

(7) Perform generally the duties incident to the office of President.

Section D. Vice-President . In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall act for the President. The Vice President shall perform any duties as may be assigned from time to time or delegated to the             Vice-President by the Board or President.

Section E. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:

(1) Be responsible for Association funds, securities, and financial records.

(2) Deposit all Association monies and valuables in investments and institutions approved by the Board.

(3) Be bonded by the Association for any sum designated by the Board.

(4) Cause preparation of monthly financial statements to the Board on the financial and budgetary condition of the Association.

(5) Chair the Finance committee.

(6) Cause to be prepared all materials needed for the Annual Audit and for any additional audits approved by the Board.

(7) Maintain the annual financial reports at the Association office for reference by members.

(8) Make reports and perform other duties as required by the President or the Board.

(9) Produce a Quarterly Delinquency report.

Section F. Secretary .   The Secretary shall:

(1) Generally perform duties incident to the office of Secretary

(2) Receive, respond to, record and report an all correspondence of the Board.

(3) Maintain permanent files of all correspondence.

(4) Act as custodian of the Corporate Seal and all legal records.

(5) Issue notices of all Regular and Special Meetings.

(6) Cause the recording of minutes at all meetings.

(7) Properly record and preserve all minutes of proceedings, including records of voting.

(8) Arrange distribution of notices, newsletters and other information needed by members.

(9) Oversee the preparation of the Membership Register, which shall contain:

(a) Members' names listed alphabetically;

(b) Addresses and telephone numbers authorized by members to be used for official contact by the Association;

(c) Members Community addresses, including mailbox number, section, and lot number;

(d) The date the member became an owner; and

(e) The members in good standing status with the date last determined and the reason if the status is not in good standing.