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Article VI - Committees

Section A. General.  All committees function in an advisory capacity to the Board and provide invaluable assistance to the proper function of the Association in those roles.  The Board shall prescribe the duties and obligations of all Committees.  Committees shall keep minutes of their own meetings, a copy of which shall be filed with the Association Secretary.  The Board shall publish the names of all Committee members after appointment.

Section B.  Special or Ad hoc Committees.  The Board may from time to time create or dispense with Special Committees as needed to assist the Board on matters not involving the functions of the Standing Committees.  Special Committees shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.  The Board shall appoint members of each Special Committee from among Association members in good standing.

Section C.  Standing Committees - Generally.  The following Committees shall be the Standing Committees of the Association established by these Bylaws to function permanently.  Standing Committees shall each be composed of at least three (3) members in good standing. The Chair of each Standing Committee shall be a member appointed to that post by a majority of the Board. The members of each Standing Committee shall be appointed by and may be removed by a majority of the Board.

Section D.   Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee shall be Chaired by the Treasurer, who shall have a vote in Committee decisions, and shall include the Community manager, who shall have no vote.  The Finance Committee shall submit recommendations to the Board on all budget line items of revenue and expense, and shall conduct a timely process of open meetings and hearings to develop the proposed budget  for the Board of Directors each year.

Section E.  Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee shall be the hearing tribunal of the Association composed of five to seven members in good standing, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.  The Appeals Committee shall be responsible for achieving expeditious and just treatment of all appeals and other hearings on behalf of the Association.  

Section F. Building and Architectural Committee.  The Building and Architectural Committee shall recommend, for the Board's review and action, Community Rules for building and altering dwellings and for property maintenance and landscaping.  The Building and Architectural Committee shall review the physical property within the Community and recommend to the Board actions to be taken.

Section G.  Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee shall recommend, for the Board's review and adaptation, proposed wording for and changes or additions to rules not within the authority of any other Standing Committee.  The Rules Committee shall recommend to the Board appropriate methods of member communication, Rule development, Rule enforcement, and related matters.

Section H.  Safety Committee.  The Safety Committee shall review Association matters related to the health, safety, and security of the Community and advise and recommend to the Board actions to be taken.

Section I.  Public Information Committee.  The Public Information Committee shall ensure communication to all members of items of interest or information, including but not limited to the publication of a regular Association newsletter or newspaper and occasional special news bulletins, and the posting of notices in the Association office.

Section J. Recreation Committee.  The Recreation Committee shall recommend to the Board Rules and actions to enhance community recreation, cultural, and special events, and newcomer welcoming activities, all including attention to interests of both youth and adults.

Section K.  Nominating Committee.  Each year approximately sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting the Nominating Committee shall provide to the Board of Directors a list of nominees for membership on the Board of Directors, using a fair, open process to identify qualified individuals who wish to serve.