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ARTICLE VII  -  Community Management

Section A.  Employment.  The Board shall employ Community Management with compensation set by the Board.

Section B.  Function and Qualifications of the Community Management.  The Community Management shall be responsible to the Board for administration of the affairs of the Association, and for execution of Board policies and decisions.  The Community Management shall be subject to oversight by the Board. The Community Management must be a full-time professional manager employed either by the Association or a contracting management company.

Section C.  Required Contract Terms.  The contract for the Community management may not exceed three years and shall include provisions dealing with contract termination by either party.  In the event that the Community management is an individual employee who is absent or disabled, The Community management may appoint a qualified administrative employee of the Association to act temporarily as Community Management, or the Board may do so if the absence exceeds thirty (30) days.  Individual Directors and Association members shall not request nor direct the appointment or removal of, nor give orders to, nor interfere with the performance of any subordinate of the Community Management.

Section D. Powers and Duties.  The Community Management shall:

(1) Execute and consistently enforce the Board's policies and the Associations legal documents.

(2) Hire and remove all Association employees.

(3) Set the compensation for Association employees, within budget requirements and job descriptions, and have general responsibility for employees' performance.

(4) Negotiate contracts for the Association, subject to Board approval.

(5) Recommend Community strategic and tactical plan priorities and execute same when approved by the Board.

(6) Assure that statutory, utility and contract terms concerning the Association or its members are met and that the Board is notified of violations.

(7) Participate, without vote, in all Board meetings.

(8) Keep the Board and its members informed about the conduct of Association

(9) Administer the Board-approved budget.

(10) Be responsible to the Board for carrying out all policies and the administration of all Association operations.