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Community Identification Procedures
1. Individual ldentification Badge: Annually, SCECA will distribute updated identification badges to each Saw Creek lot, which qualifies as "a member in good standing".

Only one owner per home shall be recognized as the 'record owner by SCECA.  In the case of multiple ownership, only the record owner, whose name shall appear first on the deed, will be recognized as ft 'record owner'. Only the record owner shall be entitled to receive permanent badges for use of the SCECA facilities. Each record owner, in good standing, and showing the proper ID, upon signing and dating a receipt will be entitled to receive badges as indicated below:

One or more lots                                    6 badges
One home, plus any additional lots          6 badges
One home                                              6 badges
Additional home       6 badges  (each additional home)

In cases where the record owner is a family, rather than a corporation or other profit or nonprofit organization, additional permanent badges can be obtained by any family who can prove that there are more than six (6) members in the immediate family normally living under the same roof during the year. One possible method of proof would be to show that portion of a family's income tax return listing the names of all dependents. No other portion of an income tax return need be requested as proof Other fair methods of proof will also be accepted at the discretion of the SCECA Manager. Only six (6) permanent badges will be issued to record owners which are corporations or other nonprofit organizations.

All persons 6 years and above must prominently display a current badge on outer clothing when using any facility.

2.   Lost Badges: If a permanent badge is lost and a new badge is desired, a $10.00 'lost badge fee' will be required. A maximum of three (3) replacement permanent badges will be permitted annually. If a lost badge is found and the replacement badge is returned to the Association, the $10.00 'lost badge fee' will be refunded and the indication that a badge has been lost will be stricken from the record.

3. Temporary Badges: On application by the record owner, up to six (6) additional temporary dated badges will be issued for a period not to exceed one week for a $2.00 deposit on each badge. They are to be returned to the office. Later issuance of temporary badges will not be made until the original temporary badges have been returned. Non-retum of temporary badges will be treated as lost badges. Upon return of badges deposit will be refunded.

4. Renters :
A. Members (property owners) must register themselves and their renters with the Association on the appropriate Renter Registration form, to include a $500.00 cash deposit for each rental.
B. Members shall be responsible for informing their renters of all rules and Regulations of the Association. Members will be
responsible for all fines duly levied against the renters and/or their respective guest for violation of the Rules and Regulations.
C. Members or their designee, must provide the following information on the Renter Registration form, which must be signed by this member:
1 . Total number of people who will be residing at the member's house.
2.  Names of all people residing at member's house.
3.  Prior address of all the persons listed on the Renter Registration form.
4.  Length of rental.
5.  Such other information as may be required.

D.    Identification of Renters' vehicles shall be as follows:
I.   Dashboard identification forms shall be issued for the renters' vehicle identification.
2.   Renters, and their respective guests have the night to use the facilities and are subject to all Association By-laws and Rules and Regulations including the displaying of current year amenity passes at all Association functions and facilities. Upon verification the property owner has not relinquished or her amenity privileges, the renter obtain renter amenity passes at Administration Office for a fee of $2.00 per pass per day. If the property owner has not  relinquished his or her amenity privileges (by providing the renter with the uses of their six amenity badges) and the renter requires  additional amenity passes, they may obtain them for the fee of  
$2.00 per pass per day.

E. Subletting by tenants/renters is strictly prohibited.

F.   Failure to register a renter/tenant pursuant to this Article will result in a fine of $500.00.

G. The Association reserves the right to refuse entry and/or use of the amenities to any renter where the property owner fails to be current on their membership assessments, and or if member fails to comply with regulations or requirements stipulated herein.


1. Anyone not exhibiting a current SCECA identification decal on the inside of the vehicle, on the back window of the drivers side (or anyone not properly displaying a visitors/renter's pass) will be detained and entry may be denied.

2.   Identification decals shall be issued to property owners in good standing for licensed vehicles owned or any licensed driver who is a member of the owner's family, normally living under the same roof during the year, and their renters who have an annual lease of SCECA property.

1. Vehicle identification decals will be issued upon presentation of proper registration vehicle data.

2.       All guests and tenants of an owner must be registered at the security gate upon entrance. The Safety Enforcement Officer shall provide temporary vehicle identification at this time which must be displayed at all times while on SCECA property.