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Community Roadways
III. Community Roadways and Parking Areas

A.  The speed limit for automobiles and motorcycles on SCECA roads is 25 mph. Speed is to be reduced according to road conditions.  The speed in all parking areas is 5 mph.

B.  Snowmobiles, trail bikes, ATV's, mini-bikes and other motorized vehicles not LICENSED, REGISTERED and INSURED for operation on public roads cannot be operated in the Saw Creek Estates Community.

C. Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive on community property.

D. Vehicles shall not be parked on SCECA roads or shoulders at any time except when authorized by security. Vehicles in violation are subject to be towed at owner's expense.

E.  No tractor-trailers are permitted to be parked overnight on an owner's property, or any other Association property.

F. Cars or trucks parked on an owner's property must have a current license or inspection sticker.

G. Skateboards are not permitted on Saw Creek roads.

H.  Tampering with or damaging the gates is prohibited.

I.  A current decal or visitor's pass must be visible on all vehicles.

J. State laws and SCECA traffic rules and signs are strictly enforced.

VEHICLE TOWING:  An attempt will be made to inform the owners or drivers of vehicles that are illegally parked. A reasonable amount of time will be given to the owner of the vehicle to have the vehicle removed.  If the vehicle is not removed to a legal parking location, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense by a designated towing service to a designated location. The vehicle will not be released to the owner or driver until the owner or driver pays the towing costs and any storage costs to the towing service.