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Health & Safety

1. Security Alarms:  The SCECA Security Staff will respond to all activated alarm systems registered at the SCECA office within the development.  Deactivation (turn-off) and reactivation (reset) will be the responsibility of the homeowner.  Homeowners must register their alarm system with the SCECA office.

A. Failure of an alarm to be reset may result in a $25.00 fine.
B. A service fee of $25.00 per occurrence will be assessed for any system which is activated more than three (3) times within a twelve month period. The service fee shall be payable to the Saw Creek Estates Community Association.

2. Bicycles:
 Ride on the right side of the roadway, with traffic.
 A. Ride single file, never side by side.
 B. Give a hand signal to let other riders or drivers know  that you intend to turn or stop.
 C. Never carry another person on your bike.
 D. Never hitch rides by holding onto cars or other vehicles.
 E. Bicycle riders must wear proper safety head gear.

3. Burning Fires:

A. All local ordinances MUST BE FOLLOWED.
B. No burning fires will be permitted without PERMIT from SCECA.
C. Burning of brush, leaves, etc. on CONSTRUCTION SITES is permitted only during morning hours (prior to noon). No burning is allowed during the afternoon or evening hours.
D. At least one-half hour prior to burning, Security must be notified and bum site identified.     A water hose or fire extinguisher 'shall be within 75 feet of the bum site.'

4. Sledding: Only permitted in SCECA designated areas.

5. Ice Skating: Not permitted on any lake, pool or pond in the community.

6. Lot Number:
A.        Each lot with a home on it shall have the lot number posted to be visible and readable from the street.
B.        Reflective numbers and placement guidelines are available from the SCECA Office. Homeowners found not to be in compliance with this policy shall be notified by SCECA.
7. Disrepair/Trash:
A.        No lot or any other area within the boundaries of SCECA shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish.
B.        Dumpsters are located across from the Administration Office, and also at Mill Pond entrance.  Household trash or garbage may be deposited in them. Persons depositing refrigerators, hot water heaters, stoves, couches, chairs, mattresses, building materials, etc., in these areas shall be subject to a fine by the Association in the amount of $500.00. In addition the Association reserves the right to file  civil charges.
C.        Each owner shall maintain drainage catches and swales at the street line in good condition so as to ensure uninterrupted flow of water.
D.        Any improvement or landscaping made on residential lots within a right-of-way are prohibited.
E.        No building material of any kind or character lot will be placed upon any lot, except in connection with construction for which a building permit has been issued.
F.        The exterior of all structures located on any lot, which is visible from any point of any adjacent lot shall be maintained in
good repair and appearance by the property owner.
G.       Each property owner of any improved lot shall maintain their property in a reasonably safe manner.
H.       All property owners shall cut down weeds and other vegetation growing on their lots along any street  which may interfere with visibility or the safety of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.       I. The Association has the right to cut down such weeds and vegetation at any time, and may enter upon such lot for this purpose.
J. A loud or irritating sound, either by voice or instrument which disturbs the peace and composure of property owner not residing in the same household will constitute a nuisance. This shall include but is not limited to barking dogs, loud radios, or any other entertainment/audio equipment, foul language, automobile horns, amplifying devices, etc.