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Community Facilities & Amenities

The community facilities and amenities are for the use and enjoyment of all SCECA members in good standing, including their invited guests and tenants. Each facility and amenity entrance will display a specific set of rules and regulations for use. Please be sure to read carefully and if there are any questions, please ask the attendant.  Following are general rules and regulations pertinent to SCECA's major facility and amenity areas.

1. Ski Area
a.   The slopes are open ONLY when the lift is in operation.
b.   No sledding of any nature in the ski area.
c.   No walking in ski area.
d.   Obey the instructions of all Ski Patrol and attendant staff.
e.   Skiers should familiarize themselves with, and obey all posted rules, including those shown on the lift ticket.
f.   Ski rentals are available on a first-come, first- served basis.

2. Aquatics Swimming:
a.   All recreational areas are to be used by users at their own risk. Only members in good standing, their families and guests are entitled to use the common area facilities of the development, subject to the rules and regulations.

b.  The pool and any designated beach swim area are available only to members in good standing, and their guests for swimming only when a lifeguard and or attendant is on duty. Swimming at any time when there is not a lifeguard on duty shall be at your own risk.
c.   Every person must present proper identification, (membership badge) before using any SCECA facility. Your identification badge shall be displayed at all times.

d.   At lifeguards discretion disciplinary actions and other measures may be enforced to maintain as far as reasonably possible a safe and enjoyable environment for all people using the pool and beach areas. In any case people using the pool and beach areas are responsible for their own safety and should not depend on lifeguards for protection. At their discretion, disciplinary action and other measures may be enforced to maintain the proper conduct and safety for the enjoyment of all the people using the pool and beach areas.

e.  Lifeguards are completely in charge of swimming areas; their instructions must be obeyed.

f. Floatation devices, small tubes, swim masks, scuba-diving equipment and floaters are not permitted in the pool. For non-swimmers, life jacket floating vests, small tubes and arm floaters may be used provided the non- swimmer is accompanied by an adult swimmer.   The non-swimmer using the floatation devices and the accompanying adult must stay in one area, where the accompanying adult can ensure the safety of the non-swimmer.
Floating tubes or rafts are not permitted in designated swim areas.

g.   All non-swimmers or children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by an adult swimmer at all times while in the pool water or beach areas, unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
h.   Proper bathing (conservative) attire is required at all times.

i.   No glass containers are permitted at the pool, beach areas, playground areas, basketball courts, tennis courts and recreational areas.

j.   All accidents MUST be reported to the lifeguards and to the SCECA office.

k.   SCECA is not responsible for any valuables left at the common areas, i.e., pool, beach or recreation areas.

l.   The throwing of such as hard balls and Frisbees that could injure other swimmers is prohibited.

m.   No animals are permitted in the pool or beach areas.

n.  Diving is not permitted in the pools at any time.
o.   Running, shoving, pushing and horseplay is not permitted.

p.   No congregating around ladder areas of the lifeguard chairs.

q.   Socializing with or otherwise distracting a lifeguard while he or she is on duty is prohibited.

r.  Loud radio/cassette playing is prohibited.

s.   Children of diaper age must wear diapers with plastic pants in the pool and beach areas.

t.  Association schedule has preference in use. All others have a two-hour time limit on the baseball field and a one-hour free limit on the tennis courts.

u.  All trash must be properly disposed of before leaving any recreation area.

v.  Unauthorized persons are not allowed in pool maintenance     filtration,  chlorination, or chemical storage areas.  No smoking is permitted in any of these locations.

3. Tennis:

The tennis courts require reservations during posted hours.

a. Players must wear valid badges. Proper tennis attire is required. b. Footwear must consist of tennis shoes. Proper tennis attire is neat shorts or skirts (no cutoffs, swim suits, jeans, Bermudas) and shirts or blouses (not tank tops, halters, etc.).
c. Only active participants are allowed in the tennis court area.      d. Spectators must stay outside the fence.
e. No pets are permitted in the court areas.
f.  No food or beverages (alcohol or soda) of any kind shall be consumed within the tennis court areas. Water containers must be non-metallic and non-breakable.
g. There is no smoking in the tennis court area. Keep courts free from litter, including tennis ball can tops.
h. Tennis socials will be scheduled by the Recreation Department, and will not be scheduled on a holiday weekend. Sign-up for all socials will be taken by the Recreation Department.
i. Reservations are needed only during posted hours.     Play outside of these hours is permitted on a first come-first served basis. Play is limited to one hour if people are waiting.
j. Valid badges must be shown before a reservation can be accepted by the staff.
k. Reservations for court time can only be made one day in advance. Reservations for the next day will begin at 10:00 am each morning. However, if all court time is reserved on Saturday for persons calling on Friday, Sunday reservations may be made.

l. Individuals reserving court time are limited to using only lot and section number plus the lot number of the opponent.

Reservations will be limited as follows:

Weekends and Holidays: One hour per day per person (NO person may play during any reserved period for more than one hour per day.)

Weekdays: Two hours per day per person. (No person may play during any reserved period for more than two hours per day.

Additional time may be reserved if courts are idle after 3 pm or  non-peak hours.

Those who do not have a reservation or who desire additional playing time will be placed on a waiting list.

Players with reservations are asked to report to the courts 10 minutes before their scheduled reservation. Those not reporting by ten minutes after the hour will forfeit.